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"Don't stop because you're tired. Keep going because you're almost there." - R

Today was one of those days. I'm currently fighting a chest cold, getting ready to leave the state, and of course I have a ton of work to get done. So here I am, editing at home, and I decide it's time to update my business Facebook cover photo (nothing like procrastination to get the job done). Nothing complicated - something new, fresh and pretty. I'll just pick a favorite from a current shoot, touch it up and post it. Easy!

Now that I've found the perfect picture I'll slap my logo on it and be done! Well... that was not the case for me today. My favorite logo is my gold one but of course it's not very legible against the colors of the photograph. But once I got over having to use my white logo (I know, woe is me) the legibility was STILL an issue, which means I have to place it somewhere I don't want to. Enter another mini tantrum. Ok. So while I'm figuring out my logo placement, I'm dealing with the worst part of the Facebook cover photo: the sizing and cropping. Of course my perfectly beautiful picture I selected does not fill the cover settings properly. And while I know how to make a collage for it, I simply don't want any other photos with it. Trust me - I tried. And I stubbornly insisted that I had to make this ONE photo work! Fast forward too much time that I'm embarrassed to divulge and I get things just about where I think it will work. That is until I took all my built up frustration, looked at what could've been the final product and say, "this looks stupid!!!" I slam my laptop shut, march upstairs and blast Beyoncé like a 12 year old girl would. So there I sat on my bed, trying to compose myself like a 30-something year old professional and pull it together.

Once I got a grip on life, I took my dog for a walk and came back with fresh eyes. In the end I decided my beloved picture wasn't quite right, and that wasn't good enough! I went with a different photo from the same session and found what I think made for a better match.

Here's the point to this long rant; at any point we can become completely worn out from our day or even from our current situation. But it's so important not to give up! And when it comes to your business and especially your creative business, take a moment and give yourself a break. Get back to it when you've regained your sanity and hopefully you will find the solution you needed. Oh! And sometimes we need to ask for advice. Enter my boyfriend's suggestion to add a little shadow to my logo to make it more legible. There you have it! Keep plugging away, my friends! And now back to editing.....


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