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Every Occasion

No moment is too small to capture!

I believe photography is one of the only ways to make time stand still. Whether you're taking your business to the next level, have a growing family, or about to commit your life to your partner, I see every occasion as something precious and worth capturing! 

Meet Michelle

I'm an outgoing people-person that loves the simple joys in life. I've always loved working with people, and how photography captures real and meaningful moments. I consider myself a creative yet analytical person, which I think makes for a great final product! I particularly enjoy lifestyle photography because to me, it is the visual representation of love in real life. The best results are the photos where you look and feel most like yourself, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client who loves their photographs!    


My job doesn't stop once I've clicked the camera! I'll spend time editing your session like it was my own! It's important to me that your experience with me is fun and comfortable, and that you are thrilled once your gallery arrives! 

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