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komorebi (n.) the interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.

Have you ever seen something so overwhelmingly beautiful yet completely peaceful at the same time? I experience this when I look at nature, and especially when I look at trees.

The sound, the motion, the seemingly effortless existence of itself. But isn't that an illusion? There is nothing easy about a tree's existence. All that it has to endure and overcome just to be alive. What a beautiful metaphor for human life! We are strong, resilient, and adaptable. Thank God for that! Just when we think we can't go any farther, our roots dig deeper, hold tighter, and there we are standing taller than before. Whether you're an oak tree, a birch tree, or even a bonsai tree; remember to look at your leaves and your trunk, and appreciate how deeply beautiful it is to be you.


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