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raison d'être (n.) a reason for exsisting

Last summer I had one of the most memorable experiences of my adult life! I went to France with a dear friend to assist her in photographing a wedding in Dijon (stay tuned). We were lucky enough to have time in Paris to explore the city, and I can't think of a more enjoyable Parisian indulgence than the food! Now, for me, any good food is already an experience worth having. But in Paris? Oh the opportunities are endless!

And how lucky were we to find a favorite spot we revisited on more than one occasion. I still remember ordering the croque-madame, which also happened to be my first meal on this trip. It's times like these when I am so grateful for smartphones! Looking at these photos takes me back!

With all the deliciousness there is to enjoy, nothing makes it quite as good as experiencing it with the perfect person. I'm so thankful for great friends and unforgettable adventures!


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